1 Person

2:00 Min Max


2 People

2:30 Min Max


3 People

2:30 Min Max

Small Group

4 - 9 People

3:00 Min Max

Medium Group

10 - 15 People

3:00 Min Max

Important note for dance entries for OSSDF 2021:
• To keep the spirit and likeness as performing on stage, dancers have to be filmed in the same space using one camera.
• No editing of videos is allowed.
Masks are mandatory for all dancers and entry submissions, including solos. Think of it as a costume piece, you can decorate and design it!
• Please see Tips for Video Submission sheet provided for more information; found under the Registration page.
• Entries exceeding time limits will be adjudicated but ineligible to receive awards.
• Solo submissions are open to all grades, no longer just for graduates.
• A maximum of 2 solos per dancer is to be submitted.
• Due to classroom restrictions, there will be no large group or production categories.
• Creative Collaboration submission is only one per school.
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